Lovely Middle Easton Model Women

So as a personal interest, I decided to make a post simply about these ethnic women

A little off topic, well not really but slightly, I wanted to promote women models of the Indian native, and Middle Eastern, and surrounding countries. While I’m not completely specific, I’m just talking about the groups of women who are born in those areas, taking away specifics of religion and politics. 

So fuck it, I will say that I love these women, which for some reasons I am not quite sure of, however I find that the variety of looks of women that come around those regions very appealing. 
I don’t think that anyone will argue that women from these areas are some of the most beautiful women in the world. I think that they are at least number 2, on the list of the most beautiful, if you and I were to debate a list. 
It’s obvious that it is often cultures around those areas are very keen to picking young, and reproducing and creating very beautiful women as they grow up to be. It’s also obvious that there is also the melting-pot, and mixing of various genetic features as you will see a spectrum of colors from very dark, to very light, some with blue eyes even. 
I simply think that the tan complextion, and soft features that attribute to their youthful looks are incredibly photogenic, and amazing for the photography world. The women of these regions haven’t yet had too much exposure in main stream American, or the type, culture but I think that if they were, they would definitely steal the attention of many of the eyes of the appreciators of beauty, especially on the big-screen. 
On the smaller screen however, their is a decent amount of this exposure, as it is seen in certain avenues on the web. 
I personally had to fall back on Google, to search for these photos, and they weren’t the most safe sites. I can only hope that I didn’t receive any nasty critters in my brand new tablet, because that would suck. 
Anyway, that was a little rant to mine, but I hope you enjoy some of the gems I was able to find!
Source- Various, Google:Images. Alan Pedroso