Heathen – Froud’s Faerie – Set Review/Comments

Witness the enchantment of this definitely more interesting than the typical set 

I like this set immediately Because it looks interesting in its very ritualistic, and pagan type fashion, which would seem to fit if you were to take note of the moniker that this model uses. 
Na, it’s not really demonic, but rather it’s this set is done in more of a playful fashion, hence the Magic: The Gathering cards, so no need to worry your little head about all of that. 
At first glance, it is very apparent that their was actually some fucking planning which went into this set up, and a good amount too. Often in alt sets they are yes, very simple, but it is good to see for a change that there was actually some very creative preparation that went into one of them. I’m none against a luxurious model as a centerpiece but it is just nice to see a little variation for a change. 
Heathen, is a very lovely model, and she is dressed in a very apt, very dark fashion as she is donned at first the very metal attire of her dark see-through blouse, and frilly skirt- but later on strips down to just a handful of cards. 
One of the most obvious props of this wonderful set is that huge flipping painting of the skull in the background which is grade A. The presence of it is tied in with elements of the foreground such as the many candles, that very voo-doo leopard pattern couch, the white fur rug, and of course the very fitting muse- Heathen. 
I would definitely have to say that this is one of the most ripe with personality shots that I am sure I’ve witnessed during my time of being a SG fan. It gets points simply for it’s structure and outstanding presentation. It’s all topped of by the very mysterious Heathen who shows off her amazing modeling ability by showcasing her art in a varied assortment of poses. 
The photographer is pretty stationary for the most part, only moving for a few close ups, but the small amount of lighting which is used, with the added touch of sunlight that shines in from the blinds does well to set the top notch ghostly vibe of this piece. A great job on both ends. 
If you would like to see this set in all of its spooky glory, click Here and don’t forget to vote and comment!