Alicesey – Saranya – Set Comments/Review

 A few wonder filled words of review about this delicious set 
Immediately, It is obvious to see that this is a very nice setting within this set piece. It has a very organic, whole foods market feel to it which makes it feel really earthy and healthy. 
Obviously besides that, we have the simply beautiful muse Alicesey in the center of it all who is a easy captivation on the eyes of the audience of this set. 
There was an extremely well done attention to detail put into the setting up of this set here. All around you take notice of all the prop pieces such as the plotted plants, wheel barrel, and wood fixtures which really give the backdrop a nice amount of flair and color. This accents are done very nicely, all the while the colors of them are in great harmonious melody with the brunette, tan muse set in the forefront of it. 
It has a very artsy vibe to it, and I don’t know whether or not Ms. Alicesey happens to be an artist or not, but if so it would be more than fitting of that type of personality. As for style, there are a great assortment of shots which showcase Alicesey in her very slender and voluptuous beauty, and they do well to not only play great respect to that, but also to play into use of all of the elements plotted so well around the area. 
The lighting is vnicely adequate, as the contrast of the muse’s nice beige-tone is illuminated against the very plain white floor in the later shots. Her appearance is radiant even against the colorful vibrance of the background, and it really helps to cement her as the focus of this shoot. 
Alicesey also has this very, “traditional model” body which she appears to be very tall and nicely elongated in that very classical manner which is something to be much appreciated. Overall this beautiful model, and a very skilled and orchestrated set all tie in to one awesome set piece which can be appreciated for lovers of the art. 
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