Saria – Her Cold Eyes Can Burn – Choice Shot

So always a delightful shot, set in the prime location of excellence here within a bath tub is the close-up pointed nipple shot which is ever the playful shot. 

I chose this shot from the rather new set piece of this model which with includence of this shot is very interesting, and well done. I chose this shot to sort of illuminate the beauty of it. As you can see there is a very adventurous use of the camera angle here, which leads the eye up form the foreground up to the focus of the shot, which is the face of the model. She happens to look wonderful in this shot.

It’s your simple and straight forward model set-piece, shot in the classical format, with the model starting the scene in the bed room with her eventually ending inside of the tub. A very playful and creatively shot collection of frames, and there are many close ups that get nice and personal with the muse.

To see the entire set, and find out for yourself what I’m talking about click Here

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