Renegade – Undisclosed Desires – Set Review/Comments

 For some reason this set makes me think of a calm spring-shower day. . . 

At first looking through this set and taking in all of the scenes of this shot, I think of two things: a great portrayal of a beautiful model, and a calming sensation of a really nice spring shower late afternoon. I can’t really say why I think that, but I can say that often I look at sets and when they are done really well, they have a tendency to have a certain feel to them which sparks the imagination. For this particular one, its a spring feeling, a Corona beer sipping, relaxed chips and dip stare out at nature feeling, hell call me crazy. 
The fantastic vibe of this set can easily be said to be conveyed successfully by the choosing of the setting, which appears to be a corner of some type of home office within a pretty big house. Easy to find comfort in wealth, especially in a nice home. 
There’s a soft, natural lighting which also contributes to the overtone of it, which I believe is what facilitates the vibe I get from it. The light is not hard, as box lighting, but rather soft, serene, and natural, and to go along with that we see Renegade which has a very classical, soft fair-skinned, blonde hair, blue-eyed look. 
She looks a tad like a rocker-girl, yet I don’t get the sexy vibe from this set, yet more of a calm sensation of the alluring beauty. 
Overall, the shots are the usual arrangement, a good amount of full body shots, some 3/4 view, and your typical seated and laying etc. Nothing out of the ordinary, or too extreme there- which is fine, as it helps with the great feeling that this set has. It’s actually rather intoxicating, and would seem to attribute to some choice print framings to add it’s calm vibe to your apartment, house etc. 
It’s a really good set, and it is really well done with a very beautiful model as the centerpiece plain and simple. 
What’s better than that?
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