Kaylarosalie – Sunkissed – Set Review/Comments

The beautifully stylish set featuring the amazing Kaylarosalie

This set has a little bit of style, and finesse, not a whole bunch, but just the right amount to make it shine and shimmer ever so nicely. 
Although it’s set in a rather Earthy, forest style of setting, the use of contrast, natural lighting and clever wardrobe selection ads a nice bit of high-fashion style to it. 
Now, I don’t mean that literally, as it nothing about fashion, however its more the theme and the atmosphere created by the choice of editing used here which gives of this vibe. The brightly lit area, and the contrast opposite of the muse’s fair skin, with the black clothing and her long black hair is the appeal that makes it pretty to the eye. 
The use of the pillar like trees, with the wild grass and the perfect center-piecing of the muse was a great decision for a setting. The various wide shots which include the trees further in the background add for nice activity, while the nice close-ups shot ad vivid personality. 
Kaylarosalie, is stunning, and performs well in between the Earthly elements which surround her. There is also some nice full body, back shots which show off that nice B&W on her back which fit so well with the appeal of this set piece. 
It was apparent that there was a conscious decision to give this a very crisp, and clean Abercrombie feel simply by the use of the extremes from the black, and that nice white lighting, and also an apt use of desaturation. I find this set to be very professional in its look, which I could see printed within any high-gloss art photography magazine. This is a level of polish which you don’t often see on SG, while I will go to say it’s much more common on Zivity however.

Either way, the result of this is a fantastic set featuring a super cool model as Kaylarosalie. 
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Source – Suicidegirls.com