Luanalani – City Love II – Model feature

city love II. by luanalani on DeviantArt

So, I’ve been off for a while in between – work, and other things, but I thought that I would return to showcase one of the models I’ve been following since my first interests in model photography.

Luanalani – a Filipina model of the states.

I really love her look, and she always seems to take very intoxicating photos and never ceases to look absolutely beautiful, as with many of the Filipina cultured women. I can’t help it, I am a man who appreciates culture, and speaks on it without fear of it as should anyone, and I believe the beauty of the Filipino culture of people is beautifully embodied in model Luanalani. Besides just being beautiful, as that’s not enough to make you a model, she also preforms amazingly in her muse skill as shown in her work.

She was scarce on the Deviantart scene for a while, but it would seem like she was never slacking on work as she also has a full fledged membership site where you can view her photosets in entirety for those who are fans of her work here –

It seems pretty nice, and offers a nice amount of info and BTS stuff for real fans, and people looking to support her art.

Either way, she is a beautiful model, and if you don’t know about her- you would do well to learn of her remarkable body of work.