Leather Fashion – Nicole – Shot Comments

Leather Fashion by NicoleNudes on DeviantArt

Okay, so just purely because i happen to love appreciating the works of the particular models I favor, I am choosing to post this photo. I know that I have posted about her not too long ago, but screw it.

Furthermore, I haven’t yet posted many clothed shots, just to the favor of this being a natural blog centered around the natural human state. Because of this I haven’t delved too much into fashion oriented pieces. Disregarding that, I thought I would share this shot featuring Nicole, as I think it’s really well done and it’s more common to see nudes than to see clothed with her in particular, so I thought this was rather nice.

There’s not much to say, the dark colors are very lovely like the dark leather pants that show off her nice figure, and the fashionable top against the the maroon wall. It’s just appealing to the eye, and worthy of appreciation, so I thought I would.

If I can find more exceptional shots like these, there might be more in the future of models doing clothed shoots.