Hex Hypoxia – My Love, My Friend – Shot Comments

+my love, my friend+ by HexHypoxia on DeviantArt

One of my most favorite, as I have said before, I actually feel bad that I still have yet to have a dedicated post for her work although I have very much been meaning to and will. But, regardless of my slacking, I thought I would comment on this very intoxicating photo which is almost a complete display of why she’s such a wonderful muse.

I feel like I don’t really have to explain why it’s so appealing, as you have eyes, but I will comment on why I like it and chose to share it based on her other works.

I really like the lighting in particular the dimness, which is blended wonderfully with the soft filter which makes this into a piece of pure provocatively.

It seems very sexual, but a little more sensual, as her position and placement of her hand would state that tad bit of a pleasurable feeling. The shot is very much zoomed in on her figure, with very little background noise, so that we as the audience really get a eye full of only the muse as she is the only subject in the shot.

For that reason, we really get a good eyeful of her vase like figure, and really get to appreciate that wonderful skin-tone, and how the shadows it’s curves cast playfully dance around those curves.

The shot above is actually one of a full Zivity.com set, and when viewed it is a very delicately crafted piece of work which is just as stimulating to the eyes.

To take in the full effect of it, I suggest that you glance at it here. There’s the only way to really take it all in. I would have to say that it is absolutely one of her more captivating of the collection.

Hex is truly a beauty of creation, and even a beter model so if you don’t know of her, it might be in a great interest in learning about her!