Hex Hypoxia -HexHypoxiaReservoir2014-01 – Rpphoto

HexHypoxiaReservoir2014-01 by rp-photo on DeviantArt

Ok so another post which is a little related to my recent clothed post which is presenting the beauty of the side opposite of nude. This photo is most likely of a set which is one which of clothes shedding, but I at least wanted to pick out this photo to show the simple beauty of this model.

Of course within clothes, you don’t see all of the full beauty of the total muse but this is more normal as women in life typically don’t walk around completely naked. Much of the appeal in nude is that total shedding of fear and insecurity, and that complete reveal of one’s self to the viewing audience, however there is much beauty to be witnessed despite that taking place here.

Take for example, even within clothing, albeit the thin layer, the shape of the muse is still very much apparent and very compelling here. As I’ve commented on, one of the most distinguishable features of Hex is that very vase-like figure of hers, and it is still very much shown here.

Sometimes it’s not what you do see, but rather what you don’t see and the allure and the mystery that is involved in that.

I think here this is a good point of this capture, including the other factors that make this shot good- her choice of dress color the metallic grey and stocking is a very nice look and stands out against the natural Earth tones, but even in the dress there is still allure that pulls the eye. The amount of skin shown, the dress as how it appears to be coming down off her body slightly in the way that she is standing in a very extended form, and the slight form of her nipples pressing against the fabric very much makes this a choice shot.

I like this model more because I love the rebel look as well- the dark hair, make-up, and persona mixed with her flexibility to do all the various types of works she does makes her a great model of the alt community.

She is the shit.