Triz Taess – Hottie Highlight

I’m not a delicate snowflake by TrizTaess on DeviantArt

So for all the gritty alternative model, particularly grunge type model appreciators I thought I would highlight this hot model muse Triz Taess.

She happens to have a pretty nice assortment of shots in her Dev gallery as there as some decent gritty type shots there as well as some really choice shots such as this one:

That one is pretty freaking awesome. I love the entire theme of it, as it looks very artsy with a very dark vibe to it. I especially love these type of close in personal shots, and it’s very interesting how much detail is seen with the way her lip piercings are stabbed through her lips.

For the interested, I implore you to head over through the link in the embedded image and take a look at some of her work. Perhaps even leave a comment of appreciation for it, it’s always nice to give some credit for good work!