JonMann – Elena Bathory and Lux Suicide – Shot Comments

Elena Bathory and Lux Suicide 1007 by JonMann on DeviantArt

First off, I would like to say that I am at the moment a little pissed off.. As, for one my source that I used to blog and photo edit for use of this blog, my laptop has been broke for a while. I now am using a Android tablet to do my blogging, and as I have just now discovered, there is a huge wall of limitations that directly hinder the quality that I am able to present on this blog. So hence, it limits the source material I can use at the moment here. Sorry.

Ok, done ranting.

Anyway here is another very special gem share from the always impressive JonMann. Well, I guess that I would say his model selection is and has been always impressive as here are two of some of his most worked with models Lux, and Elena. I’ve actually been following back before she took on the name Lux Suicide, and she has always delivered impressive harmony behind the camera, Elena as well.

For your viewing pleasure here they both are, in stunning B&W glory for you to appreciate. Head over to the Dev page if you’re feeling extra appreciative and let the artist know how you feel about it, it helps to support art!

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