OkieDokiOkami – Dig Up Her Bones – Set Comments

Okami, the ever natural, the ever wonderful 

Here we are with one of the most naturally beautiful faces I have personally seen in alternative modeling Miss. Okami. She is always a pleasure to see and does beautiful work seemingly without very much effort. 
A simple set here, shot in the dessert like bare rock background that we see here which makes it for a very pleasant and easy on the eyes piece of work. I actually really like the setting used as it is very minimalistic but it gets the job done very well. 
It’s a very playful set, but it is edited to pure sweetness in where just the right measure of lighting and balance mixed with the slight desaturation give it a very tanned look. There is a very special thing in viewing the natural beauty of Earth in its various forms, that of the living and the non-living rock behind of Okami.

Although this is a very simple shoot, as there aren’t many angle changes- albeit a few close-ups, and wide shots, it’s still very pleasing. It’s a fact that if you follow many models on Zivity it’s often that some sets are really more simplistic than they are complex. However I think that this is the magic of Zivity, it’s a place where art shines in the simplistic, and good to keep afoot on your favorite muses.

All in all, this set is basically as you can see here: it’s not hard to appreciate beauty for beauty, and just the same it’s not hard to see that this set is worth appreciation and votes if you got em’.

To view this set in it’s entirety it can be seen Here Don’t forget to vote, and comment!

Source: Zivity.com

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