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Thick shake of sweet goodness which is Violetvixsin in this awesome set

Black and brown always make for the sweetest mixes.

I have known of Violetvixsin for a little while in my browsing of the Zivity, a beautiful Latina model with some very genuine chemistry with the lens. I especially enjoy the choice shot of her bright eyes and brilliant teeth she displays when she poses her expression ever so sexily, if that’s a word.

Within all of the women appreciating communities, I would ask who isn’t a fan of the Latina women, as they are some of the most beautiful women in the world- likewise is this lovely model. I also would say that more often then not, I also enjoy to see a nice thicker bodied model as well, as they are some of the most lovely joys to the eyes to witness also. It’s not all about similarities, but also variety, as there are many different types of flowers out there.

I particularly appreciate this set, and chose it apart from the rest of her lovely works as a first look simply because I happen to think black is something that can make anybody look cool. This set is all about it. I was fascinated with the selection of setting and fitting wardrobe as I was with Violetvixsin within it. I would also have to say that those spiked heels also add just the touch of punk-sexiness that makes this set piece sparkle.

Lots of ass, and lots of love for this set. This tan beauty is really a intoxicating sight to the eye, and her beauty will haunt your dreams and leave you chasing her in your sleep. The nice thong shot above is definitely one of the best shots within this set, and does work on displaying the features that make this muse a lovely exhibition of art. As I would take it, this piece was also shot by Hex Hypoxia, which shows that her work is as lovely behind the camera as it is when she is on the other side.

All the glory is this set, and all the appreciation is her the muse. I could explain it more, but I don’t really think I could put every nice thing that makes this set special into words. In order to really and fully appreciate it, you would have to view the set in its entirety along with Violet’s other great works. 
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