Impression of light – Shashta Bold – Shot Comments

Shasta Bold by ImpressionofLight on DeviantArt

Pure epic beauty is captured here in this shot as it is a play of the beauty of complexion of skin, with it’s very detail highlighted by illumination and reflected against the awesome and fitting tones of the backdrop.

Impression of Light, or (Dan Van Winkle) has an deep portfolio of beautiful images which could be compared to the whimsical beauty seen in fairy tails. He works with some of the most beautiful muses, and captures them in such amazing ways, such as seen here.

This muse, named Shasta, is so delicately imposed on the lovely beige backdrop in such a manner that it makes her smooth and bold ebony skin is extremely radiant against it. The pose in which she is placed, in such a way to accent the elongated neck to accentuate the female form and the curvature of the hips and breasts is perfect and even minimalistic in a way. It shows, and aims your attention directly on the intention of the capture and takes away unnecessary elements in favor of form and flow.

Another frame of this beautiful model:

An excellent capture by Mr. Winkle. Expect to see more by this photographer in the future!

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