Stephan Grosjean – It’s only when I lose myself – Shot comments

It’s only when I lose myself by stefangrosjean on DeviantArt

This current photo is why I would at this moment consider Stefan Grosjean a God among photographer artists, especially in the erotic genre.

The simple use of color play above, the simple coordination of the shot- the model’s posture that accentuates her long legs and the curves of her torso added with her long hair which seems as a bright flame illuminated by the light of the room. It’s obvious that this isn’t accidental, however as there are hints of very skilled lighting and placement here. It is hard to tell whether it had been edited for these compelling effects or simply a skilled use of aperture and balance.

Displayed here again is a reason for the photographer to be revered as much. The use of skill in the ability to capture such beautiful muses and create such amazing art is the result. This isn’t a common thing, as while many photographers might have some beauties for muses, not all can capture them in such respecting, and adequate ways. 
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