Natasha Kochetkova(Model) – Laughing Beauty – Shot Review/Comments

Laughing Beauty – Metal Gear Solid 4 by Narga-Lifestream on DeviantArt

Something new here on this site, which I would guess to be a primarily nude/alt model site but there is beauty on other sides of the spectrum. Take for example this shot which can be appreciated for its photographic beauty as well as for what it represents. Although I know not of much of the Metal Gear franchise, I would say that the working of the wardrobe is very well done.

You might call this Cosplay, if you were to call it by its proper name, but for all intensive purposes, it’s still simply model photography and beauty. The model who is featured goes by the name of Narga-Lifestream on Deviant, and she has a nice port of some pretty impressive works of the cosplay variety for your viewing pleasure. This very special gem is one of them, which I chose because of the sheer beauty in which is the lighting, posture, and balance. The small splashing wave effect here is nice as well.

It is a play of fantasy, yet it is done in a particularly easy to translate fashion which can be paired with some of the more fine art pieces of photography. The way the muse is put just off centre,with the wave, and the lighting all as elements which make this an exquisite piece. The lighting, and rendering of the model is also top quality, and her posture in the shot accentuates her beauty, the deep black paired with the sleek suit which hugs her curves is also worth mentioning for its quality of costume.

All in all this is a perfect shot which proves that even in the most playful forms, photography can still be considered art.

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