Pixie – Shape – Shot Review/Comments

Shape by pixielovesyou on DeviantArt

This one is pure magic.

An exquisite shot featuring one of my first favorite muses, Miss Pixie.

She has always been a pleaser, and even more she has always delivered some of the most brilliant captures featuring herself onto her Dev profile. The beautiful blonde, slim muse with pretty blue eyes.

Today she is featured here in the simplest form, pure black and white and only telling of the outline shape of her beauty.

I really like this shot, and I think that it has to be now one of the top three of my favorites which feature her. I don’t say that lightly as I am really seldom impressed to a level of actually being impressed, and not simply really fond of a particular capture. Women are beautiful, and it’s easy to see something you like, but it’s a little different to be thoroughly impressed by a perfectly done capture you know?

The empty space is used perfectly within this shot, and so is the dimming and highlighting. Her perfect posture only accentuates and draws complete attention to her immaculate curved outline. From the tip of her curly locks, down her shoulder lines all the way to the tips of her fingers which grasp at her waist, all perfectly done and tell the story of her beauty.

This shot is a good intro shot for those who might not know of her work. It tells a great story of her artist and is only amplified by the entire body of her work. I actually wouldn’t mind having a large print and framing this in the hallway of a future house, but all in due time I guess.

Anyhow, if you appreciate this, travel over and leave your words in her comments box and don’t be scared to look over her profile- you’ll only find more goodies there!

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