Azalea – Violet Dreams – Set Review/Comments

A look a the beautiful Azalea in a brand new set 

Today i’ll glance over one of the few models which I would consider to be the most beautiful on the Suicide Girls site, she goes by the name Azalea. 
This little Hispanic goddess has been recent in her output of work since about three years. I would say that her work is always pretty good, if not a little on the simple side, but with the focus on the beautiful model that she is I would say that it’s always nice and worth a look. 
I personally think that her look is pretty refreshing, as she has a lot of potential to make some pretty amazing work which might be a little underplayed in the simple sets that are produced for SG. I would say that some good B&W or nice high quality set-piece studio shoots would be well suited for her to truly showcase her true muse ability. She currently doesn’t have a site for prints that I am aware of, but she does sell prints according to her IG @ AzaleaSuicide at gmail for those interested.
As for this set it is very nice. I enjoy the shots here, and they have a very clean look. The photographer also manages to capture her in some very nice angels that accentuate that nice cheek bone facial structure that makes her such a knockout. 
 I like the bright pink hair in this shot, and it plays very well with some of the darker tones such as the brown of the wood bench, and fits nicely against the purple walls in choice shots. I would also mention that it plays very nicely to her tone of skin, and adds a playfullness to her look amongst all her tattoos. I would say I like this particularly well against some her of recent sets, which are good but follow the guidelines and are just missing a little bit of ingenuity, this one for at least some reasons I like a little more. 
As I am sure you can see, she is really a beautiful girl who I believe can raise very high on the model star list if she was to get the right type of photographers with her. Although, I’m not discounting the work she has been featured in, as many SG sets are very simple- I would love to see her in more creative settings where I believe she could really impress exponentially. 
Anyway, If you would like to witness this lovely set for yourself, you can click Here
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