December ID – Nanfe – Artist Mention

December ID by NanFe on DeviantArt

Now, let me start off firstly by saying that this particular model isn’t exactly a model in the usual sense of this blog, but she is a model of her own and I do enjoy her work.

Nanfe, as her Dev Id would appear is a visual artist, a rather striking artist I would say as I have talked about her on my other blog and featured her work as can be seen Here for those interested in seeing her work. It’s rather interesting, and a huge amount original as I go on into on that post. However, today I simply wanted to highlight how as this is a model photography site, how much I enjoy to see her rather different approach behind the lens.

She is a rather pretty girl, and I enjoy to see her creative portraits of herself because they very much have the same feel as much of her artwork. The rather grim, dark, macabre feel that influences her art visuals has a share in how she chooses to portray herself in her photos.

I like it simply because it’s different and along with just being good photography, they have a very Silent Hill vibe to them, for any who know of the movies or more likely the games.

I just thought I would elaborate on her for a quick minute, and highlight this grim queen or the dark for any interested in her photos or more likely her art work!

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