Azalea- Reasons you should follow

For all you appreciators out there who might be looking for a model to follow, I would like to take a quick second to show case something new on this blog, and that is just a snippet of a highlight where I quickly comment on models worthy of a follow.

Azalea Suicide – 

This muse is truly a real natural treasure, something like a uncut ruby or diamond, I say so because I don’t actually think that her potential has been shown or reached. To my knowledge, she is currently a Suicide model, where it is something like models may get around $500 for a member review set, and after that all work done belongs to the Suicide Girl brand label. This might be why there are particular models known for their high speaking port of work which might be featured on the site, but never really take on the Suicide agreement. I don’t know this for sure, but I have read something detailing such. 
Either way, I think that it is troubling how many models I see who are only showcased on SG, but are never graced by more original and creatively minded photographers. It would be good to see them on many different fronts, and Azalea Suicide is one of those models. 
I mention her, because she has a very unique beauty which is traced down to a genetic level- from her shape to her impeccable facial structure, which is always a big thing in types like high fashion for example. 
She is a stunning beauty, even minding the cup-size, which seems to fluctuate at times for some reason, she is worth more than just simple setting. She is worth appreciating because she simply looks the most natural for the part. Their are certain people who you can look at and say “you should be a model” just by how they are, she is definitely one of those people. 
If you don’t know about her you can find her on SG, of course and also on Instagram for fans looking to know more about her.  
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