Miss DeadlyRed – Smokey – Set Comments/feature

Smokey by Miss-DeadlyRed on DeviantArt

So in my quest to know, and discover every model/photographer with a list of uniquely outstanding work behind them I came across this little beauty of a picture on the Deviant updates listings. The model as it would appear by her profile, goes by the name of Miss DeadlyRead, she’s 23 and her name looks to be Nicky.

I currently don’t know much about her but after seeing this capture I surely thought that she was worth a follow just on it’s basis. On browsing her profile I also saw some pretty nice shots of her which I would say make her a pretty pro muse in my book. They seem to have a pretty “smoking-hot”/sexy look to them also while having that pretty pro-polish to them.

This one is no different as she is capture here in shot in complete sexiness, for the viewers eye. The nice choice in splendid wardrobe along with that perfect setting make makes my eyes water from its excellence.

I will definitely be keeping a watch on this lovely muse, and will update with more lovely works of hers as they come about.