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Art is a summary of nature made by the imagination by Otohime21 on DeviantArt

A new model of my discovery, but by the look of her Dev profile, she’s an very good one. Plenty of great captures there, ranging from plain portrait to nude, this one is a little in the in-between and I actually thought that it was pretty great so I thought to showcase it here.

A rather simple capture, nothing to the extravagant side, the light is rather simple- most probably natural, and the focus is purely simply on the model. A beautiful muse she is as she is captured in an ornate manner of posture which does well to highlight her beauty and showcase those beautiful curves of the female body.

The balcony, and bikini adds a nice touch to the shot- there are actually a few in her online gallery that are balcony shots and they all look very nice, as they seem to be a popular theme. Freckled beauties, and balconies, what’s better than that?

The shot is sexy, but in a calm manner, its not nearly erotic but more intimate as if you expect to feel warm breath on your neck in the next moment. Its a great capture, and a very nice poster of the beauty and skill of this lovely muse Otohime.

Expect to see more in the future!

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