Jackye – Nothing Else Matters – Set Review/Comments

A bombshell set piece featuring a fiery Italian muse by the name of Jackye

I have to say that straight from the beginning, I love the look of this set, from the bold color scheme choices to the completely electric model this set is an explosion of greatness. 
Jackye is news to me, but she’ll be a new fav follow as she shows in her debut set she is a incredibly stunning nude model. It’s nice to see that she has been properly presented with a fitting layout as well, the bold black couch, and the bold red were a perfect setting and match the bold beauty of this model. 
There’s a really Italian, fiery flair to this set. I might even say that it is rather Fiat reminiscent, hell what’s more Italy than red-and-black? Either way the setting is a great place for this beautiful bodied model, as she looks like a playful ball of sexiness wrapped within its steamy embrace. There’s some variety between shots, but overall they are mainly themed around the complete and natural beauty of Jackye. This is no bad thing however, as she tells a story with her body that makes you want to turn every page until you’re back at the beginning of it all. 
I expect to see more excellence featuring this wonderful muse, as I couldn’t imagine her being featured in anything but as I am quite sure such a thing is effort less when she’s included. 
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Source – Suicidegirls.com