Cherokee – April Shower, May Flower – Set Review/Comments

Nothing but gorgeous showery goodness in this set featuring muse Cherokee
On the showcase for you today I have the sunshiny goodness, of a goddess muse who goes by the name Cherokee featured in her first set on SG. I don’t know if she happens to be NA, but by the name and look I would sugget it likely- and it’s always good to witness a quality exotic beauty of the world.
The entire theme of this set, as the title suggests, is all about the shower- and showering, which is never a bad thing in my book. Many of the shots are nice and detailed as many of them focus on some focal body part- many, ass, and general close up shots can be seen here.
It’s obvious that the entire idea of the piece was to show the close and personal part of it’s muse Cherokee. Its a lovely look as the clean and creamy complextion skin is a beauty to look at, and it looks even more grand close up. Cherokee truly is a exceptional, and rare beauty in great form.
Those beautiful lips, and the way her blonde highlights and light skin mesh in so perfectly with the natural radiant sunlight is a marvel to look at. There was a clear plan of action that went into this set, and it was well implemented as there are even very creative uses of the shower to entice the fancy. I especially like the closer body shots that simply are cropped in parts of the breast, and butt with the shower spraying- a very nice look and it adds a nice flair to the piece. It’s not boring, yet artistic in its venture, which creates a compelling piece that properly showcases a wonderful model.
Many sets may fall into an almost but not quite state, but I can’t say this here as I think it is done exceptionally well. Both model and photographer have done great work to present themselves in the proper light with this set featured. Overall it’s just freaking beautiful.
If you would like to see it for yourself, do so Here and don’t forget to vote and comment!
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