Fine art Photos – Room With a View 7 – Shot Review

Here we are presented by a rather splendid photo of a beautiful muse by the name of Hazel who is part of a works that has been done by deviant id Fineartphotos. I don’t talk much about purely fine arts on this site, but as I thought this shot was quite exceptional I figured it was worth a slight commentary. This shot is really well done, and it speaks many words with its very simplistic nature.
The model is very gorgeous, and presented beautifully as shown as her very artistic body is only gently highlighted by the natural lighting that shines  in from the window. There is an overall calm of this photo that really pulls you in, and creates its own kind of white noise that blocks out all outside distractions while you observe it.
The white on white is the most calming feature, paired with the light tone of the muse’s skin where her dark hair and eyes are the only contrast to the heavenly tone. Her expression is artistic at its core, as not much emotion is shown, nor any influence sexy or otherwise, only the art which is allowed to speak for itself.
The beast feature however, and the reason I pulled this photo and chose to speak on it is the grand and perfect display of the vulva. If art were done and centered around only specific shapes, which it is often done especially on the fine art side I would say that the shape of this muse is really deserving of artistic praise. This was obvious by the photographer, as there isn’t much to distract the eye from the very obvious subject of the appreciator’s discovery. A perfect feature deserves a perfect showcasing, and I think that this was well and intelligently done here.
Top class capture!
Source Photo – Room with a view – 7