Otohime – Do not try to hide anything – Shot Review

So soon yet another time am I reviewing another shot by one of my newly discovered muses, why you might ask? I like this photo and decided to share and review it because it fits a little more to the description of this blog. A fully nude photo further demonstrates this skilled model’s prowess, and thusly I have chosen to talk about it in my interests.
At first, It can be noted that there is a little of a “Red-Riding-Hood” vibe to it, maybe I’m reaching, but the slight dimness of it and the red fabric being held up by her really make it that type of feel. I would note that the cloth, or blanket that she is holding up is a rather exceptional and creative use of an object to make a unique backdrop for the capture.
In holding it up, it also adds other elements, as to do so she is holding it up in a gesture that references the very title of the photo itself. The blanket can be seen as a shawl, or veil, that when lifted up reveals all that has been hidden into the light. The model is raw, and in placing herself up to the viewer she reveals all of her “imperfections” to them. It is a great subject for the capture, and tells a inspiring story.
Overall, the shot just looks damn good. The way the model’s posture accentuates her lovely vase shape and form, along with the contrast of her light skin against the bold red is a great play of opposites. There is also a very clean, and crisp editing done to it which makes it a perfect rendering of a photo. The beauty of the model’s body is shown, and all negative space is covered by the blanket within a close-up in such an “in your face” way that what is being revealed has been rendered inescapable. It is a very telling piece, and a beautiful one that showcases the very art of the muses body.
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