Jon Mann – Theresa Manchester (1001) – Shot Review

I’d like to take a minute to talk about this feature shot by one of the photographers I respect and one of the models I most respect Theresa Manchester, in a exquisite rendering of her beauty.
I’m going to get directly into it by saying that this photo is pure art gold. Theresa is one of the most beautiful, and expressive models in the alternative art world and she never fails to amaze with her impressive display of her unique talents and form.
Here we have a slight work of emotion, a shot centered around the folded body of the model in the midst of a dark room with only subtle colorings of the surroundings to draw away the attention. I would say that it’s expressive, but not nearly depressive but I would say that there is an emotional overtone here but not that of a sad one.
When I look at this photo I am completely captured by Theresa’s presence as is often the case, and I am captivated by the emotion her body language displays: Her curled legs and minimizing form might convey a sense of self-protection, or a hiding or feeling of vulnerability, but I what I see is the form of a skilled muse.
I personally have a hard time believing such a confident individual as Theresa in a vulnerable state, so I see it for impressive form, rather than that of a type of weakness. I cannot say that the motive’s of this shot was to articulate a lower emotion, but it might be to be said by the posture and lighting in the shot. Surely, it is also completely possible that in intention this is simply a artistic capture open to the impression of the appreciator, but this can be said of all good works.
Overall, this is simply a awesome photo capture of one of the most lovely models on the net and is appreciated as such here.
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Source photo – Theresa Manchester 1001