Liryc – Come as you are – Set Comments

Liryc, One of the most beautiful girls on the SG net. Here in a new featured set

So a couple words of this set. It’s one of the first sets seen in a while featuring only Liryc, who is SG model and also a performer in the Suicide Girl burlesque show.a9168a0e36e9576a55bea8af1705af48This set here is pretty damn lovely, and it features her in what I think may be one of her best showcasings of her beauty on the site. As a lover of plain clothes, and the overall minimal make-up relaxed look on women in general I definitely say that this one plays somewhat into my personal appeal while still being outstanding. d362b9897426ab8603295e9cd62d7881I love the rainbow up-do here (which always looks nice on tan skin model’s IMO such as Lua), and also the soft natural lighting which contributes to the set’s overall relaxed feel and vibe. Liryc is perfectly shown here as her skin looks great in and little like silky chocolate-milk, which is a very beautiful, and delicious complexion and really looks great here. On SG there’s not a huge amount of women of color, whether Hispanic of black, and are defiantly a very small minority so it’s wonderful when a model of color is seen and when they are so beautifully presented. 2bc876adacffb9fc359ce6dbedc37a8fFor me its the simple things that make this set a killer for me, and I have to say that I just love to look at Liryc and her natural beauty is simply that much of a thriller for me and it is great to see her in all forms and styles. This is really one of the sets that really is about the model for me, and it’s just a showcase of the marvel of their beauty. I’m quite partial to brown-skin mix in life, and I am sure that it shows here in my review. Simplistic beauty down to quality of genes is one of the truest forms. 38fabdab906131733f0fe6d1337a532bAlthough Liryc is a supreme knockout, that’s not to say that the setting isn’t completely amazing and well done as there is some serious coordination here, and she looks great in the surroundings of it. There are also a creative use of elements in the shot, such as the table, which are used to show the model in a different and interesting way while showcasing her beauty and her fun personality.

For the rest of this great set, you’ll have to have a membership to SG and have to go there to see it’s complete beauty. The link is Here and don’t forget to vote, and comment!

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