Pavel Kiselev(Photoport) – Lo – Shot Review

Happy June everyone!

Here today is a excellent capture by the photographer named Pavel Kisele, or Photoport as he is known by his Deviant ID on A truly inspired piece that I thought deserved some talk about here on this blog today.
At first glance it strikes you with a genuine type of I would say aged feel, some might say vintage but I wouldn’t go that far to say that as It simply has an over all feel of being dusty or weathered. I might even go so far as to say that it somehow has a oceanic, rustic-ship type of vibe as it could pass for one of the inner cabin rooms abort a vessel. In the same light it can possibly portray an attic of a grand mansion- it just depends on your imagination.
I love the look, and also the dusty clutter of the surroundings. The murky mirror, the photo drawing of the historic figure, and the rest of the elements really attribute to this vibe I spoke of before. There is space in the shot, which implements that the surrounding is also a point of value which was intended to be taken in by the audience. Its amazing, and even adds a hint of thrilling creepiness to it especially when you account the model’s rather unreadable expression in the distance.
Pavel also does well to showcase his muse in her surroundings, which she seems to be a tad spaced out or vulnerable to the interpretive eye. I love that she seems a little “unhappy” to be there- which is purely my imagination interpreting of the photo story elements, nothing more. Her clothing is also minimal, and falling off- which further suggests a vulnerable element, a type of distressed maden in the entirety of it all. She’s pantless, and covering her intimate areas, while her long legs trail the eyes down to the entire frame of the photo.
Completely beautiful capture of the entire figure, while telling of a very expressive photo. Not enough can be said of this as it adds that really unique element to this piece that highlights it above a simple bland snapshot.
A lovely photo that has the potiental to play into many imaginative storylines as determined by the observer, truly a gem to behold!
For a first hand view, head over to the source page if you would like to leave your own thoughts and tell the photographer how you feel about this capture!
Source Photo – Lo