Casanova -Topless Treehouse- Set Comments

A couple comments of a very special beauty, in a spactacular showcasing
f3453cba5c91e4fe68ccffd223d3e8cd Casanova is a truly interesting model, with a very nice collection of tatts which I really did enjoy to see on this set here. I really like this set because it’s really well done in a way that is slightly uncommon to SG. It has a very misty, hazy vibe to it- which fits if you’re thinking tree house, and rainforrest, as rainforrests are full of foggy haziness.c42130cba6c87c3bd7896206e08f0ece
 The vibe is really relaxed which really fits as well which also fits in the overall theme which is why this set is really well done, as it’s more than just a pretty bunch of pictures but it shows that there was careful thinking that went into it. White lighting, and filters do great to make this set have a good feel the lazy poses, and sexy close-ups make Casanova look amazing and there are some really nice back shots of her amazing ink close up. I find myself really impressed at looking at them, as I’m just as impressed with the detail of the ink as the beauty of the model it is housed on.843cb11768acfb9e2186c36cef55193b
 This set really has an exclusive, and reclusive feel to it which makes it shine above many recent photo sets, which is why I chose to show it here. I really like the way they use angles, and use of filter editing and the colors of the set pieces to add to an overall tropical theme that makes this a complete eye-catcher. It’s always nice when a beautiful model, is done just service by being adequately presented in such a fitting way.
A couple more shots of the alluring set:bdcad3fc9b93c88cafafc465ffed299f
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