Whiskey – Bed Head – Set Review/Comments

A brief look at this beautiful brown-skinned babe here today in her recent set feature

Here today we have one of a very unique model of SG, beautiful for certain very unique natural qualities. A model by the name of Whiskey, as in such the military code lingo for W, and a pretty cool name overall. I wouldn’t know if she took her name for her skin color being about the same as the color of a cup of whiskey but I would like to think that its pretty cool if she had.

Either way into this set, here we have a beautiful showcase of the beautiful model here in one of her best feature sets in the port that she has on SG. I love how simple but nice it is, and how effortlessly appealing it is.
The lighting is well done, more natural in design, or at least to give off that vibe, the shots and angles do their job at making it an interesting show of the model’s talent. She isn’t going for the overly sexual here, but there’s more of a role play element that makes it nice and creative. The biggest thing is simply how the palette of the set blends together so well, the brown-beige tone of the model’s skin mixes with it’s contrast white in a way that simply makes it work.
There are many natural tones here that make it a marvel to the eye. The simple beauty of the set here is why it works, and flatly there’s not much else to be said about it except that. I think that Whiskey is a damn fine model, and she looks damn fine in this set. One of the top beauties of 2016 I would have to say and one of the most lovely on SG. It’s not always about being over the top, but in some the simplicity can be most overpowering in a great way.
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Source – Suicidegirls.com