Debrajean – Cape Cod – Set Review

A classic SG set which is still appealing here and now, that’s deep in emotive style
 For some reason looking back on these older sets, more than ten years back I really get a nice feel of photography sense. I love the photographic rawness in them, and am interested in how many of them are still damn good looking.9b1dd650f3f966d95e63b7068a0f9929
I stumbled upon an early cutie Debra Jean, and I really loved this set which I think conveys some deep photographic emotion and equally represents her beauty very well. There’s a really nice setting that’s chosen here, with the beach front cabin feel which makes for some really nice set up.88d4e05de8d7505d301ab274b19cd90a
There are a slew of various angles, and focal lengths which do well to display DebraJean’s very unique beauty, and I particularly really like this set because of it’s white-washed look. That washed-out, sun bleached render in the shots look incredible. In certain frames it really makes her look amazing, as her blonde hair and light skin sort of blend in with it all. A really relaxed and meditative feel. 8c1b3eb2c5ea195476cef586bd187a35
The golden shimmer, in that particular shot above, and the other ones like it are amazing. The exposure of the shots really also make them have a older than they actually are feel, which is a little like early 90’s rather than early 00’s and it’s great. It almost makes me wish that there were some earlier sets from around that time. When you look at most of the SG sets, not too many of them how those type of charms and even in the time this was taken it was style very unique among it’s sister sets.
In reality, this is probably one of the most unique if not completely classic sets for the site, as it is done extremely well, and features on of its most pleasant to look at models. I have to give credit where it’s due, and it’s definitely due here in this set for model and photographer. Great piece.
Source Set – Cape Cod
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