Nala – In Silver – Set Review

A set review featuring a classic beauty of the Suicide Girl yesteryear’s

One of the lost beauties on the field of alternate photography, at least on the Suicide Girls front is this intoxicating model, who might just also be Egyptian, who goes by the name of Nala. 4c8988cae721efbd82e05124eedbb185

The focal point of this set is undoubtedly the model as any pin-up style, and it is really a good one which is due justly by the sheer beauty of Nala. In the years that I’ve been aware of SG there are not many natural beauties that i’ve seen who are of this model’s quality of beauty. She has since stopped posting SG member review sets back in the early 2000’s and its a sad thing as she is a beauty to behold. d86576c7f948a04c8b0347cfd395a71f
The brown skin of this beauty is amazing against the deep bold black of the leather chair set piece and her early wardrobe. It stands out against the beige walls of the background as well in contrast of it. The way that the lighting is used bounces of her skin, and it simply leaves a radiant and beautiful shine that decorates every frame. The beauty of this model is other-worldly. 816c0f663ca2adace7dd4cdd5ddd6ff0
There are some nice shots here, the variety of it ranging from seated to standing, while most are seated with her legs wide in a very playful, and teasing sort. There’s always that nice touch as well to see those very exotically played piercings such as the one outside of the vulva area of this model. I haven’t seen those very many places so there are definitely points for originality for her there. There’s an over all shine to the set which is very catching to the eye, I actually love her exotic look, as it says she is native of Egypt and from her look I would say this is so. It’s always nice to see a beauty from a corner of the Earth seldom seen in popular steams of photography. 70e2eb1273210b10090aa8593b3d0929
The playfulness in the shots is apparent as in all SG sets which shows in many of the frames where Nala simply looks adorably amazing within them. I would have to say that this is one of my favorite sets at the current moment. It’s simply amazing how great she looks, and her beauty is almost unmatched with the way her tan skin shines in the lighting. There are some times when depending on the model, you like to see some creativeness and then there are other times where a simple set is just amazing to witness in basic form. This set is amazing for all that it is, and history in the capture of a stunning model behind the lens.
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