Pulp – Black & Blue – Set Review

A stellar set featuring the always amazingly lovely, Pulp
Pulp, despite the name probably making you think more about Orange Juice selection, rather than modeling, here in the alt. model world the name means godlike beauty behind the lens.bcd5b9cdd59ed1273f5db003f5164b69
Annnd, you’re breath is gone right? Ahem, so as you can see this shot above is just merely a reflection of the majesty which transpires once model and photographer connect. Pulp is one of the more beautiful and memorable of the Suicide Girls if not for her iconic skill behind the lens, than for her voluptuous beauty including her gorgeous eyes. Her eyes are definitely one of the most trapping of her features, and she always looks amazing within frame.
This is the latest of the date, and one of the boldest by her. Although she indeed very bold by nature, there is a softer tone for many of her sets but this isn’t the case for this one. The choice in deep dark colors, including the dark tones of her make-up and her black lingerie give it a very witchlike feel, or perhaps it’s the fact of her blue hair.
The sexiness, and power of this set is intense. It’s deep contrast editing makes her look magical, albeit some of the more softer surroundings such as the little cat pillow in the right corner of the shot above. This is not to say however that the setting is soft itself, the suede blue couch is a nice combo and blends nicely with her look. It’s obvious that some very smart and conscientious planning was done here by a very thoughtful photographer.
It’s really great to see Pulp in her sets, as she always displays great versatility, and her natural body type always allows for some majorly great shots. Art is line, and curves and how those intertwine and mingle to make shape and form, that’s exactly why Pulp is such an amazing muse in the alternative model community.
The mix of those bold deep colors add a little new flair to the model, and its a little refreshing to see her in a little bit of a new style. It’s always nice when models switch it up, as I often think it a little on the boring side when the same exact ideas are re-hashed. I often find it pointless when models have no variety in their collections of sets, as it shows nothing new and seems just overall meaningless. Not the case with Pulp’s Black & Blue.
Overall this is a very nice and refreshing set featuring one of the most beautiful natural muses of the Suicide Girl name.
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Source – Suicidegirls.com