Slim – Inside The Cage – Set Review

Hella, Hella, hella sexy. Hello, Slim.

Today here we have a very stylish and sexy set, featuring the very stylishly sexy Sucide Girl models Slim. Slim is a killer petite model, with a look that clashes a very fine art look with a punk rock style, the result is pure amazement.ac61584c45546cc08d2e7d12d5d3ab91
With one look at this model you’re caught by her charm. There’s just something about her that sticks in your psyche that you can’t shake. I love the mixture of dark hair, B&W tatts and black plugs, does it for me every time. Here in this set we see her and her immaculate beauty within a very artsy, glass table scene that makes itself so appealing to no end.

There’s a certain air to the set that I could only say is attributed to its perfect lighting that in a way shines like heavenly light throughout the entire piece. There are some pretty excellent shots within it where the light perfectly points out those small fine details on her back, and other areas. Posture, and light balancing is very well done here.4b02b3121ba76b5df7c5dd7af9fb1bd5As seen above, there are nice bold profile shots in the set as well. The perfect use of aperture, and light exposure eloquently accents her strong physical features, namely her facial features. She looks beautifully, as she looks straight into the lens with such bold confidence, and fearlessness. Some of these which look straight out of the glossy pages of a high fashion magazine, as you can almost feel the smooth touch as you take a look at them. cb875f4b381ab6cd7c854d7d2c661fbd

Careful consideration, is key here. It took thinking to take what might have been normal and rather bland, and spin it on its head and create some dramatic art. I particularly like the elongated positions she has been captured in, where the bends show the formation of the skeletal structure underneath. Shots like these are exactly what it is to show the form of the human body, and are what make it interesting and fascinating to see behind a lens.
The nice mixture of profile, and full body angled shots, as well as a couple of part specific shots make this set quite interesting and a nice display of a beautiful muse. It is littered with many great frames that capture so much of what makes her nice, and do so in a varied enough manner that keeps it from falling to monotony. A fine piece, featuring a fine model!
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