SpcatsTasha – Smile – Shot Review

A review of a special beauty, one of the cosplay deviants with a nice portfolio of respectable work in the fantasy department which I decided to show one here.
This photo caught my eye, merely for the pure beauty of the model who is so perfectly posed as to show attention to the dazzling sexiness of her natural beauty. A classic pose of more of the Japanese, cute anime-style which is highlighted by some beautiful soft light which illuminates her form. This is not to miss the detail which was also put into the costume design, which so perfectly fits snugly and naturally over her form..
In the background there’s also a good amount of detail, which really helps with the atmosphere of the shot. The nice color arrangement of the dark woods with that center beam of light that shines on the model’s body creating that nice duel lighting creates a nice effect. Not enough can be said about how great this photo really pieces together, and not only for the beauty of the model, but also for the excellent positioning and composition. This isn’t the only of this model’s where you will find such well done work, for those interested, she has a very colorful gallery as well.
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