E-Digital Fantasy – Final Gasp – Shot Comments

So a little treat from one of my watched photographers I have in my feed on a good basis, this one more of the latest by E-Digital Fantasy. This particular photographer I wouldn’t say is in anyway fancy, nor even that sophisticated, yet has the work has its own personal shine. Take for instance this one here, which I happen to think showcases a pretty girl in a rather interesting way. Really nicely as many photos don’t get so close and personal as this one does. Its a little cool.
Speaking briefly on it, I really like that she is the only thing within the shot where complete darkness surrounds her while light illuminates her nice body which shows it in its complete splendor. Its nothing overly spectacular, but albeit it isn’t claiming to be I’m sure. Although the subject, or light subject might make feminists somewhat a little peeved, as a art appreciator I think its rather harmless. The highlight on the model’s beauty I think over shines any shock value that might be had here, and I really just like that its just an interesting showing of a pretty woman. It’s nice and I thought I would share it here.
A couple more shots: hotsetzmai_looks_up_towards_her_destination____by_e_digitalfantasy-da5oefs
E-Digital Fantasy also has uploaded a couple others of this same set, along with many other works so that I would suggest for anyone who would like to see more, please visit them!
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