Jessicalou – English Rose – Set Review

One of the most beautiful models, with one of the most beautiful bodies in the Suicide Girl universe, the very surprisingly straight-edge: Jessicalou. This set is one of her’s from a little while back, about a year ago but I choose it to show simply because I think it’s one of her betters.ee75daa613748d0c501641a9e38d9564 The concept is simple, but everything is perfectly done from the way that the light hits her skin to the way that her light tone shines under the rays of light. The way that she looks against that brown of the wood floor, and the contrast of her light fair tone makes for very awesome shots.

Her blue eyes look brilliant amidst the darker shots, as they shine lie a gem under the deep tones of her brunette hair and the wood floor beneath her. These however aren’t the only shots of note, as she looks equally brilliant in the frames where the natural light completely encompasses the room. e2731e3cec029fe7b595d19f2a06354cThe color organization is splendid in the way that the pink shawl was implemented in the later shots. Jessicalou looks nothing less than plainly adorable as in many frames we get a close view of those eyes of hers. Her breasts are also some of the nicest and most artistically appealing of any SG and are obviously accentuated in many of the shots to showcase her amazing features.db34c25308405b794732984592aaffce

19fdb760ecd1565ebc3e163dfd3b5e67I might be a little brazen to say so but as with any pin-up style shoot it’s worthy to speak on the model’s beauty, and I don’t think there is nothing wrong with going into detail about it respectfully. As a model, her beauty has my full respect and I absolutely love the way she looks in this set. definitely on my top list of Suicide girl Sets.

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