MichelleMonique – Ballroom Dance – Shot Comments

So first off, obviously this is not any type of body photo, or otherwise nude shot but as this is a photography and also beauty appreciation blog I thought looking at this capture that it has its own beauty which can be appreciated although its simply a portrait photo.
Obviously, women are beautiful, this is easy to see if you find women attractive or if not then just can see the simple concept of it. Hence, you’re here so you’d probably agree women are attractive, and as just in life they are attractive in many forms, they’re equally attractive in many forms of photography.
This particular photo is no different. It equally shows a woman’s, the muse’s beauty albeit in a more simplistic form as apposed to seeing the full body composure. This photo is amazingly gorgeous and put against some of the other photos in Michelle’s online gallery port, I saw it as a specifically splendid piece of work.
I really think that the lighting, and the fantasy atmosphere and particularly the closeness and aperture really highlight the beautiful features of said model. Everything really is done so perfect, and what is presented is so crisp and while fully capturing that entire fantasy feel in a narrow frame that it is just amazing. Michelle Monique did an amazing job at capturing that vibe, and essence of what that total feel is about and how to make me as a viewer feel her vision. It’s also not bad to say that she picked a damn fine model to be the focus of it, and took extra care at perfectly showing her unique features and beauty.
You can see more lovely works of Ms. Monique by visiting her online DeviantArt gallery, where you can see this full work and also more like it.
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