ArtofDan – Still Life of a Beauty – Shot Comments

A great shot by a excellent photographer who is Dan, or Art of Dan consequentially on Deviant Art. He returns with a glorious model, one who is featured not only within this great shot but also some other great ones as well which can be seen in his online gallery. This model shines displaying her radiant, young beauty, simple in her form as she is so gracefully seated on top the simple wooden chair. This main prop used, a simple chair you would see around any dinner table is awesomely used as the pedestal for this muse, and is an interesting selection of a prop. This balanced with the brown turf under it, which along with that deep grey colored bg gives this shot a really soft feel which is nice.
The lighting here was wonderfully used as it gently lights the model’s body, where the shadows cast in absence of light form shape the curves of her body in such an artistic way. Its always great to see light used to perfectly curve and bend to the unique forms of the human body, and this picture does it very well. I would also add that the way that the light is used gives her a really soft-brush painted feel which really accentuates her youthful beauty.
Her body position is placed perfectly in such a manner of correctness. From the slight turning of her head, the slender way her limbs are displayed, to the angle that makes her breasts look so perfectly acorn shaped. There is also a slight angle to the shot which gives it a dynamic, that would probably go unnoticed to the normal glancing eye, but gives a fine detail to us who look for them and makes it shine.
Great work, by a great photographer with amazing skills! Go off, and see more at the gallery!
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