Michael Tarasov – No Title – Shot Review

Right away, I would like to say that I had just discovered this photographer, and his works are purely amazing.

The works I have seen merely glancing at his gallery are some of the top I’ve seen since I have known what portrait photography is.

Pure works of immense magic, I can hardly contain myself from wanting to post multiple reviews at one time. But, I guess I will just talk about this one for now. . .

This photo, one of a black and white style, aged effect to perfection featuring a model that looks like what a pure art muse is totally about.

Something about her just reminds me of one of those majestic ballerinas from a grand commercial show from the golden era of show.

Her slenderness and the way her positioning shows off that gentle line form which curves from the top of the frame all the way down to the bottom. I would have to say that this model looks something like an eccentric art model form, and style’s absolute dream. She looks so perfect, and is captured so perfectly within the realm of the frame that it makes you second guess your own consciousness. I needed to pinch myself just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. It’s those eyes, and how they peer at you.

There is a downright perfect use of space here. How he cropped her body to look ever so long and slender while she stares in your eyes with such intensity. It’s really amazing, and the polish of this photo is really unmatchable as the glow from the light kisses at her skin and illuminates her supreme bravado. She looks fierce, and secure, much aware of the beauty of herself while she’s captured in such a perfect way.

There’s not anything I would change, or say this photo could improve on, as in my subjective opinion it’s merely perfect.

It’s also a little funny I thought, which is why she caught my eye, is that she really favors Mila Kunis in this shot, but there’s no way she’d ever be photographed nude!

Either way, freaking awesome capture.

If you appreciate true art, this photographers page deserves a visit –

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