Thomas Babeau – Vika – Shot Comments

So, another pretty amazing discover. I’m sort of like a traveling adventurer of amazing model photography, and in my hunts I’ve come across these gems here.

Photographer Thomas Babeau, the pic featured is a shot from his “diary” featuring a model named Vika. A few more than the one above are on the site, which are worth the look, but I chose the one to signal out to talk about.

Moreso, because of all of them this one conveys most of the power out of all of them. That strong lighting, with that powerful monochromatic look deliver a heavy punching blow to the gut of the viewer.

Vika, the strong model she is conveyed here, is beautiful within the shot as she has that epic model look that is perfectly implemented by this style of photography.

The strong expression is attention capturing along with the way she is put just slightly off-center to the frame. The smoking cigarette is a classic item used to give that “badass” look during photography and while I don’t condone smoking, it helps a little here with the feel.

The particular small details that add up the whole are what make this shot great. The lighting of course, the smoothness of the hair which coupled with the bare skin of the model give it a slightly classy feel, when you also take into account that very decorative and detailed ear-ring hanging from her lobe. It’s slightly reminiscent of a ball room beauty who has sense shed her politeness and cast all of that fakeness during the time she can just be herself. A very beautiful photo indeed.

This as I said is just one of the many snaps taken, each in their own different and interesting qualities which are definitely worth the look if you like this one.

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