Ben Hoper – Natural Beauty – Shot Comments

Stepping a little more into the art expressionism, and world of bold declarations and remarks, here I have a couple of choice shots from a Ben Hopper’s Natural Beauty segment.

A great assortment of beauties baring all their down unders, well under-arms and displaying their candor and rebelliousness against . . . society’s “brainwashing.”

Or at least is what is stated on Hopper’s description. I wouldn’t quite agree with the statement that general skin hair amongst females, or even men and the removal thereof is a result of society, more a choice and attraction thing, but I do appreciate the piece here.

It’s basically a collection of varied beautiful maidens which all have the fact of not shaving in common.

It’s not so much the shock, and awe, as I’ve seen a good share of hairy-pits in photography, and it no longer shakes me. But, what does make these stand out is the pure quality.

Emilia Bostdt
Emilia Bostdt

I personally love those realistic quality photos, the ones with light editing effects, and high crispy detail. This set has some really pretty model’s to look at, and it captures them all in their own expressive forms. Beauty is in creation, and beauty is in strength, and I would say definitely that these shots are all very powerful in their own right.

Excellent use of black space, and lighting take these to mug-shot levels of closeness and intrusiveness. I always like intrusive, as it’s often very interesting in and it’s always nice to see how light allows camera lenses to capture those ultra-fine details.

This set piece has a very ultra-doc feel without being too heavy, and all up your ass about its possible purpose. Being the general photo appreciator I am, I really mostly see it for what it is. . . a beautiful collection of art.

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Maya Felix – Feature pic