Benjamin Madgwick – Anja Konstantinova – Shot Comments

So the two credits above, most likely the most syllables that could every probably be put together within a blog title but either way, it’s worth it.

So in my search for more, I guess modely-models I came across Anja Konstantinova. Anja is as clarified, a Russian model under the Premier agency or at least was at the time of this shooting. A shocking beauty of unique qualities. She’s beautiful, with striking features, and she has that young adolescent look, yet her facial features speak of prominence and maturity, at least from a model photography standpoint.

These features stand out here, as shown in this very well-coordinated shoot. The photographer really does well in highlighting those magical features she has, while showing them in an array of varying perspectives.2014.05.07_Revs_Beauty_01_0235s High contrast, and that nice amount of bold lighting, with the model placed against that extremely white background creates frames that speak of ultimate creativity. Less is more here, as Anja shines as she encompasses the entire frames where nothing else is of interest. One of the first features I noticed, which really made her appealing to me is the natural blonde of her hair, which is often faked in the industry, but when you see a beauty of pure natural quality its hard to deny the pure magic.

I really like this model, she is a beauty and a wonder who fits well in this very high-end model style which, well many models who have that similar look shine. It can be interesting to see the difference. In this specific genre or style it can be really appealing to witness the crisp quality and high orchestration of the shooting. A world of difference between this style and your typical living-room, pin-up set, quite financially speaking too.

If you would like to see this full set of photos, you can visit the link Here and see them on the REVS magazine site of their origin.