Kadare Aliu – Nina Doeinghaus, PMA – Shot Review

So a few quick words on another portrait photo featuring another very stunning fashion style trendy model named Nina Doeinghaus. I’ve looked around some of her works, after seeing a feature of her on Revs, and thought she looked pretty hip. An obviously beautiful and skilled model as her talent is clearly demonstrated in this B&W photo shot.

A nice sized side profile we have here which highlights that very beautiful natural beauty of Nina’s. She looks amazing as from the side all of her amazing features are captured so vividly in this very sharp-looking photo render. She is very powerful in her posture as perfectly contorted in a very motion oriented flow which keeps it from appearing to be any other stale side angle shot.

The expression is just simply too perfect, and the details in her collar-bone, and those little contractions of the muscle make the shot just about fitting of any action movie promotional poster. Only fitted in a simple bra, while showing off her fit body within the lower portion of the frame makes her look like a strong goddess with the beautiful features to match.

The way her hair is so perfectly swept over to the side and the attention to the detail which gives it that slight waviness in the wind continues to create the epic dynamic feel so nicely implemented by the photographer. You could tell that some painstaking work most likely went into this photo to get everything right, as the shot is no simple accident. The way her expression is so unaffected by what was probably a very uncomfortable body arrangement, while looking flawless in her posing is no easy task, also which shows that she definitely isn’t without skill for her beauty.

A very nice model is Nina Doeinghaus, deserving of credit for her skill. It’s possible to see more on her here in future posts!

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