Model – Soo Joo Park – Shot Comments

So in my search for bright, blonde beauties (because their look is so interesting) I came across this Korean gem of a gorgeous model by the name of Soo Joo Park. apparently she is of the L’oreal promotions most recently, and also works through many other commercial and fashion magazines and works.

She is a sparkling beauty, and on the plus side also has a large array of varied works about her portfolio which are all very good. I chose this one featured because it was one of the less fashionable, and more art, plain photography works which shows a little skin and fits more into this blog overall. I really liked this particular photo which really does a good job in displaying the full body of her unique and beautiful features all in one shot.

This beautiful pose, where she displays such a strong and focused expression. Her stare directly focused into the camera where her brows, eyes and nose all form a perfect straight point down to the lines of the outer part of her nose structure. How her head is just slightly tilted and her chin below her shoulder in such an elegant manner befitting of beauty.

Here in the shot we have a simple organization of the model, amidst a plain grey backdrop with her body fit ever so nicely within the frame and slightly turned in a way to contort her in interesting fashion. This show of flexibility is only noticed if you were to really look at it with an observant eye, a subtle detail with very powerful effects. Such are the reasons to show these type of tweaks of the body in its natural form, small variants induce a flow of the curves of the body, and induce a type of movement to what would’ve been a bland static photo.

This photo is great, from the mere detail that the highlighting casts on Soo Joo Park’s features. From the dark roots of her highlights, down to her shimmering platinum-blonde hair which so gracefully falls at her shoulders and seamlessly blends in natural rhythm to her slender body.

Your eye immediately falls from her intoxicating stare, to her nose, bright pink full lips and all the way down her arm where her skin just radiantly shines.

The black of her very subtle wardrobe also add a nice contrast. It’s just enough clothing to hint to the details that she isn’t wearing very much at all, which showcases the beautiful complexion of her skin. Its one thing that I like about this model, as I have found, that Asian women can go unmatched in beauty, and she has very much her own look which adds to that factor. She shines radiantly, her look which blends so well accentuated by those blonde highlights. It leaves her a eye-catcher who is truly worthy of all the work and promotion.

If you’d like some info on her, I’ve found a link which tells a little about her and her portfolio – Here