Model – Bo Don – Shot Review

Two beautiful pictures, featuring the beautiful Bo Don, both of contrasting style so good that I couldn’t help but talk about them both here. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the grace in both of them.

The first, above, is Bo in a close up piece. One of the more personal as she is completely nude, and cast in a completely dark backdrop as she is the only object within the frame. So close is it cast that you can almost feel the portrayed timid feel noting the slight rise of the shoulders and her expression as she casts her face away from the camera, looking down on her body.

This gives the slight impression of submissiveness, while still displaying the reality of the overall confidence of the model. Confidence, or rather comfortablility of Bo while she encompasses so much of the frame of the photo.

The light is gentle on her skin, and with the way her body is it is almost as if she is subtly shielding herself from it. That softness of the light source makes her look as soft as a baby, as her skin is very gently lit by it while her furrowed expression and slighty hunched posture tells the unique artistic element of the picture. From the gentle strands of hair which are combed back and flow with grace, seeming to float, to the necklace which add that special small element, down to her perfect modest breasts, this is a really amazing capture. More fine art, than fashion, this would really be worthy of display in any arena.


Here in this next photo we have sort of the complete opposite of the photo above.

In this photo, there is scenery which she has been placed in, and thusly there are a couple other elements which are put into the scene.

There is a lot for the eye to take notice of here: from the vegetation growth behind Bo, the area where she is seated, to the large window of the house behind of her. While there is a good amount going on, Bo in no way has to compete for attention as the clear subject of the capture.

For starters, her hair is longer which gives her a much younger, and slightly more rebellious look, I would attribute much of that feel to her posture and body language as in a much more fashion oriented style her head is cocked back in a rather nonchalant, and “uncaring of anything” manner. The way that her article of clothing that is her dress and top is just coming-off of her, gives it a look of rebellion, and possibly slight angst.

Her expression is that of her unappealing interest, slightly blank, as it would appear within story that she has no expression or interest for any subject opposite of her: or the viewer of the photo. She is almost tired, and most likely completely uncaring of the situation as to even cover herself, as under my imaginative interpretation.

I’m really perplexed by this photo which is why I really wanted to also include it into this post, as I am in love with the special way her body flows.

Her long wavy hair flows as she leans her head back with her body sitting straight, from her darkened expression down to her neck. Her slender, elongated neck is a beauty of art as it embodies that little cliché of how slender form is most beautiful. I would agree that it is equally appealing as that artistic belief here. It’s in fact perfect form how elongated her neck looks, coupled with the way her shoulders form that perfect line which can be followed by the detail in her collar-bone to either sides by the eye.

That perfect fall in her anatomy which leads the eye directly down to her exposed breast just above the concealment of the articles of clothing leaves it with an adequate and “steamy” slightly erotic feel. It’s just the right amount of sauce, which is just vague enough to make it only gently sexy if not only for the effect of the harshness of the light which was used.

I love it, the more I look at it. The perfect form of her upper body is carefully, and so expertly captured within frame that it is truly a darn beauty to behold. True photographic professionalism to the eye.

Both works are opposite spectrum sides of this beautiful model which I am glad to have witnessed.