Model – Jennifer Koch – Shot Comments

A few quick words on this one, I know it’s not a body shot, however I figure that It’s no harm to fit a couple of portraits of worthy quality in from time to time, and noting this model I would say it’s quite worth it.

This model pictured here is Jennifer Koch, from what I have read she is Korean, although she does look to be at least half European noting the fairness of her skin. A beautiful model, she looks like a mixture of Asian and white, extremely fair skin, and slight European feature ques, but with boldly Asian features. Being sort of the guy I am, I can’t help but over appreciate a beautifully mixed skin color palette I can never resist.

This photo is obviously merely just a bust profile, probably for a campaign of sorts, as she is quite the more fashionable work type of model. It’s basic, but I think she looks absolutely stunning. I really wanted to get a good color pic which showcases her beautiful skin and color, It’s not always about the dramatic B&W but sometimes it’s in the colors where you see true beauty.

You can see that she is tall, and slender, typical of the style of modeling. She looks amazing even in such a cropped frame of her, the expression on her face is professional, but yet her features can’t hide that small bit of childishness in her features. The warm blood in her rosy cheeks, and the bright pink color of her nicely shaped full lips.

The choice of wardrobe, however unseen at least in this shot, is also nice. The gold, and black straps are almost a perfect match to the cream-color of her own skin, and of course her dark brunette hair. It’s a very nice photo, and even if basic still speaks volumes about her beauty.

If you don’t know of her, she’s definitely worth checking out!