Sash – Vineland – Set Review

The amazing set piece that features one of the most beautiful women, if not models for the alterative model community ever: Sash.

First off, this is one of the most amazing set-ups this year for a Suicide Girls site of sets, and definitely the nicest representations of Sash in recent sets. 7707cb3a4ef9d2d3e8cd8fbbfee1a5d8For instance simply the choice of setting, and the way everything is all perfectly implemented into a complete scene is absolutely breath-taking. As usual Sash looks gorgeous, and it doesn’t take much for her to look incredible, yet this set does something that perfectly transforms her into a goddess.7f6f8259c21b76a1ecfdc2ed3bf8c5c2That high contrast element along with that use of natural bright exposure, and that sharp serious look is a great play on the scene. The way her body looks completely voluptuous within the forest garden. It’s surroundings is the site to behold along with how it all comes together.84bef82b0ab80bbb3babc26cd326f3adIt has a real feel of just naturalistic beauty told in the same sort of whimsy that one would describe a fairy tale beauty. It’s really worth noting just the incredible amount of work that went into putting this look together. It must have been a supreme effort to find, and also to trudge through the forage while using perfect eye detail to create these amazing shots that translate so well. b65b382b9ed251681482ee68689f76eeThis sort of innocently told beauty is a great story, and it perfectly captures Sash in her natural element while telling of her beauty in such a unique way. There aren’t many set that I would say capture, and fit models so precisely, and this one definitely does. It makes the model appear as the holy grail of muses, and that of a supreme unearthly being that cannot be matched by the common woman. I would have to say that it is a just a great piece of work, and an awesome display of a naturally amazing model.

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